Volunteer with Tulsa Tough, Inc.

| Saint Francis Tulsa Tough 2018

June 8th - 10th, 2018
Thank you for volunteering for Saint Francis Tulsa Tough. You are joining a team of Tulsa Tough enthusiasts who have been producing this event since 2006. You will be an integral part of the success of this year's event. The time and effort you are committing will help fulfill the mission of the not-for-profit Tulsa Tough, Inc., "To elevate the profile of Tulsa and promote active lifestyles."

As the festival nears, you will receive email newsletters about Saint Francis Tulsa Tough and information about your essential role. If you have questions about your role or the event, please contact me via email or phone.

"Tulsa Tough" defines every participant and volunteer who endeavors to go the distance for this festival. By the time this year's Saint Francis Tulsa Tough is complete, you'll know what that means.

Thank you for joining the team and WELCOME to Tulsa Tough!

Tonja Carrigg
Volunteer Coordinator
Saint Francis Tulsa Tough
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